Memories of Chuck Connors

Although Chuck is no longer with us to share some of his memories, we’ve asked some of his friends and co-stars to share their memories of working with him. We are very grateful for their generosity in sharing their stories with us.

Memories of Chuck Connors by James Drury, The Virginian

Anthony Folsom

“Back in the 1980’s Steve Connors worked as a broker at Paine Webber in Encino California, as did my wife. During that time Chuck Connors, (he was very proud of Steve) would drop by to visit Steve from time to time. Occasionally, Chuck would bring by a video tape of outtakes. Everything from The Rifleman, Arrest and Trial, Branded, Flipper you name it. He had a wonderful sense of humor amazingly beautiful blue eyes. They weren’t just blue, but a brilliant “steely” blue that lit up the room and he told hysterical stories of his life and filming experiences. One in particular from his Boston Celtics days and a certain jump ball situation that got him thrown from the game, hysterical. He was a good man, one I still think of, and wish his family the best. It was indeed a pleasure to have made his acquaintance. God Bless Chuck Connors.”

Denny Miller

Denny Miller starred in an episode of The Rifleman called The Promoter.
Denny played a young man who was being exploited by a promoter who was arranging gunfights and betting on the outcome. Mark and Lucas befriend Denny’s character and as Denny is helping Lucas load the buckboard, he tells Lucas he could pick up a horse and asks if Lucas wants to see him do it. Lucas declines and continues to load the wagon. However, after rehearsing the way it was written, the first take didn’t work out just the way it was planned. Denny’s character offers to show Lucas how he could lift his horse as scripted but rather than decline the offer, Chuck replied, “Yeah, I’d like to see you do that.” It surprised Denny and the entire set erupted in laughter. Years later, Denny worked with Chuck in the series Werewolf and he remembered that both he and Chuck still laughed about that day on the set of The Rifleman. Denny also commented that Chuck was a terrific athlete. Below is a scene from the Rifleman in the episode called The Promoter.


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