Firefighters forced to remove American flags from trucks (Video)

The demonstrators took to the streets after their complaints were ignored. They say they’re trying to protect a tradition that started after hundreds of fire fighters were killed trying to save people from the World Trade Center on 9-11.

Video linked here.

Florida fire fighters say the city apparently got two complaints about American flags being flown from fire trucks.

The flags were not a safety issue, and they were not tattered or torn. But when the complains came the flags were gone.

A dozen demonstrators stood outside a Seminole fire station waving American flags Sunday. They say they were there because fire fighters were banned from flying old glory on their trucks.

A spokeswoman for Seminole Fire Rescue said the city is trying to be sensitive about the proper display of the American flag.

Someone allegedly complained to the city about a large American flag being flown from the back of a ladder truck.

When it was removed, fire fighters say they were told to get rid of smaller flags flying from truck windows.


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