An Asian Student, Legally Resident, Writes To Pat Buchanan

“I believe that one reason for your social and economic problems is that illegal aliens have taken jobs, earning money and sending it out to Mexico without paying taxes. And the government still provides them free health care and other benefits at taxpayer expense. I see that each night at — Hospital.”

Dear Mr. Buchanan,

My name is ——. I am from [Asian country] and have been legally in the United States for almost six years on a student visa. I currently work as a nurse at — Hospital in —, [State], with a legal work permit or OPT card that will be good for one year under my student visa.

A friend told me about your book Suicide of a Superpower, where you talk about illegal immigration.

I completely agree with you. Since I have suffered the inconsistencies of the official immigration system in the USA, I decided to write you this letter.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from — University and a Master’s degree in Anatomy from —University, [Asian country]. I taught Anatomy at —University medical school in [Asian country] for two years before coming to the USA to continue my education. I planned to go to the nursing school at the University of [Southern State], but I did not have enough money. I entered the nursing program at — Community College instead.

When I was in an English class at — Community College, we discussed the idea of allowing illegal aliens to go to school. Nobody in the class supported it, but I actually agreed at that time that illegal aliens be given some education, so they could be productive, instead of living a life of crime.


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