Media black out as another Muslim gang rape shames Rochdale

Yesterday 3 Muslim men were found guilty at Liverpool Crown Court of raping a 19 year old virgin. Abdul Sajid aged 18; Ammar Zahoor aged 18 and Ali Osman aged 19 were all convicted of repeatedly raping a 19 year old student in a house in Rochdale.

The girl was invited back to Zahoor’s house where she was repeatedly raped by all 3 men and threatened with a knife.

The jurors were told that the 3 men even filmed part of the attack, the judge has put back sentencing of these 3 animals to next month and let’s hope they get a long jail term which this horrid attack deserves.

Yet again the name of Rochdale has been dragged through the gutter.

It seems to the many good people of Rochdale that it is not safe to walk the streets alone if you are a young woman.


Complete text linked here.

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