Socialism Is A One-Way Street To Oblivion by Charlie Daniels

“As in the case of California, the wolf is at the door of America and the present administration acts as if it’s a pussycat. America cannot maintain the present entitlement programs and support a government this size and keep on living on a credit card.” – Charlie Daniels

We are all aware of the slippery slope that the profligate spending of our politicians has put our nation on, and those who are honest enough to admit it know that the mighty United States of America is headed for a fiscal disaster that, if our course is not drastically altered, will shake the very foundations of our stability and reduce the greatest nation the world has ever known to a Greece-like shell complete with social upheaval and worthless currency.

When we think about the ramifications of our decades of foolishness, we tend to be concerned about the social fall out, the unemployment, the effect on take home pay, the quality of life and the unpleasant and painful changes in America.

What we do not tend to think about is what will happen to a military that is no longer able to keep up with our enemies in the development and manufacture of modern weapons. We fail to consider the consequences of falling behind the rest or the world in an age where a short lag in research and development can mean facing a weapon we have no defense for.

What brought the Berlin wall down was the Soviet Union realizing they could not afford to keep up with the U.S. militarily and that President Reagan was not afraid to do whatever it took to protect America.


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