Video: Dennis Michael Lynch Documentary film maker, part 1

“Difference between a legal immigrant and an illegal immigrant is like the difference between a house guest and a burglar.” – Michael Cutler

Dennis Michael Lynch

Dennis Michael Lynch on his documentary, 2012: THEY COME TO AMERICA. The Cost of Illegal Immigration. A Dennis Michael Lynch film:

I am not a political guy. There is no political agenda fueling this film. Truth is, before making this film I never gave a single thought to illegal immigration. And yet, for some crazy reason, I went as far as risking my life to produce a non-partisan documentary about the hottest political topic in America. What’s even crazier is why so many people won’t want you to see my film.

October 2010. I’m stuck at a red light outside a 7-ELEVEN in Southampton, NY. An army of undocumented men stand on the corner in search of work. Across from them is a small, middle-aged man waving an American flag and a home-made sign that reads, “Deport Illegals”.

Tom Wedell, is an out-of-work roofer. He has stood by himself in the same spot every morning for the past five-years protesting against illegal immigration. That said, every day for years I passed bye Tom but never paid much notice. Then one day something happened different. As I sat idle at the light, my radio starts playing the Neal Diamond song, ‘America’. Somehow the lyrics force me to view the situation differently. I pull over and rip out my camera. A half-hour later I’m 30-minutes into a new film called, THEY COME TO AMERICA.


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