Celebrate when good conquers evil by Ted Nugent

Good conquered evil this time. A smile is welded on my face for the actions of this young man. Because of this good-news story, I will play my guitars a little louder and with increased spirit whilst I write a good-over-evil love song.

Stories of guns saving lives should be spread from coast to coast.

There is so much good news that goes largely unreported that it makes me want to scream. As I write this, just a couple of days ago, a 14-year-old boy in Phoenix who was watching his three siblings at home shot a punk who busted through a door and pointed a gun at the young man.

This is an incredibly wonderful news story that should be the lead story on the evening network news. It should be the front-page story in the New York Times. The Sunday morning talking heads should talk about it.

But it won’t be covered by the media. Outside of the Phoenix area and this opinion piece in The Washington Times, this wonderful good-news story will not be heard or read. What a shame.

The real shame is that similar incredibly good news events happen every day countless times across America and get virtually no ink or airtime. Evil conquers good in the media: When Americans use guns to stamp out evil, news reports are virtually nonexistent.

But today I’m screaming with joy. A young man saved himself and his three young siblings by using his father’s gun to blow a hole in the maggot, who probably is a paroled punk with an arrest record 3 feet long.

This young man should be honored with a ticker-tape parade in Phoenix and granted immunity for life from Arizona state taxes. I’m calling Sheriff Joe Arpaio to request that “America’s sheriff” make this young man an honorary member of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department.


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