Watch Michelle Malkin Assert the Power of Conservative Media at ‘Right Online’ (Video)

“A lot of progressives…always ask me, ‘Why are you so mad?’ Why the hell shouldn’t I be mad? You’re trying to flush our country down the toilet! I‘m not going to tell you that you’re a nice person. And I think we need more people in Washington…not to concede that these people are ‘nice’ people.”

Following her tense segment on Hannity with Juan Williams this week, where she was insulted as just a “blogger on the blogosphere” and “not a real journalist,“ Michelle Malkin is firing back at the ”snotty condescension from liberal elite journalists” like Williams.

At the “Right Online” convention this weekend, Malkin began her speech, “My name is Michelle Malkin and I am just a blogger,” to roars of applause.

She continued: “You’re blogging in your spare time when these ‘real reporters’ can‘t do their jobs when they’re on the clock! ‘Just a blogger…’ I want it on a t-shirt.”

Watch her entire speech below, via Right Online:


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