Mexican Drug Gangs and Las Vegas

Las Vegas, of course, has another distinction besides Party Capital of the World – Drug Mecca of the World. Cocaine, too, is controlled by Mexican TCOs. The cost is lower, and availability is higher thanks to the war on drugs as it is in Phoenix, Los Angeles, Seattle and San Francisco.

While the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has helped regulate percursor chemicals needed to produce pure methamphetamine in the U.S., it has led to increases in its production in Mexico. So if the DEA has been helpful here in the U.S., one has to wonder why the Mexican government has not been so in Mexico (ever heard of bribes, payoffs?) – it’s easier to just blame the American consumer, that gringo, or does the Mexican government have a vested interest in letting the drug gangs control vast swathes of the border between the two countries?

Leading to over 50,000 violent deaths in Mexico over the past five years due to internal gang drug wars and the infamous WOD (War On Drugs. How do you fight drugs? They should be fighting the drug manufacturers and dealers instead – the blue green pills don’t shoot back!) the Government here warned us about travelling to Mexico last week. Guess what? The President of the United States decides to visit Mexico after declaring an amnesty plan for some illegals and is lauded by the Mexican president for his humane stance. Don’t you think the Mexican president should have been mortified at the American “official kidnapping” of all those illegals?

Jobless (toothless) American meth producers.

Anyway, it is the small time meth producers in America who will be jobless (not just toothless) – you see, here in the U.S., meth is prepared by using pseudoephedrine as the base (available in cold medication) whereas in Mexico, meth is manufactured using methylamine bought in 50 gallon drums. So guess who is going to come out on top in the war on drugs? Not only are we getting plenty of illegal aliens crossing the border but we are getting tons of 90 percent pure meth coming over and taking away our toothless meth producers’ jobs too. Unfair, I say. Totally unfair.


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