‘Gods And Generals’ Filmmaker Takes on Illegal Immigration (2007)

A central part of the problem, Maxwell said, are “post patriotic non-citizens” running large corporations that put financial interests above those of the country. The corporate leaders are in an alliance with politicians and opinion leaders in the Hispanic community, he said.

Ron Maxwell

“Gods and Generals” filmmaker Ron Maxwell casually relaxed recently at the home of businessman Walter Curt in Rockingham County. Until, that is, the subject turns to immigration. Immigration is the subject of Maxwell’s next project, a documentary film scheduled to be released in December. U.S. immigration policy, Maxwell said, is controlled by the corporate, political and intellectual elite who want to bring down U.S. borders for their own gain at the expense of the country’s institutions.

Curt agrees with Maxwell on immigration and contributed $100,000 to fund the film through the Conservative Caucus Foundation of Vienna. Charles Orndorff, administrative vice president, estimated the budget for the documentary at between $500,000 and $1 million. The Conservative Caucus lobbies Congress on legislative issues, Orndorff said. The foundation participates in research and education activities, he added. Curt, who made millions with the company he founded, SEI Inc., has historically contributed to conservative political candidates and causes.

On immigration, Curt said he has direct experience on how the federal government handles the issue. When he owned the Harrisonburg-based SEI, Curt, with 2,000 employees, had one of the largest private companies providing services, including green cards, to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Curt said he has seen how immigration service employees try to do their job in an ever-changing political environment. “That is one of the most politically whip-sawed agencies I have ever seen,” Curt said from his home. “They were torn in half no matter what they did.”


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