Ready to roll over the O Team by Ted Nugent

While not all the responsibility for this economic train wreck rests solely on this president’s shoulders, the national debt surpassed 100 percent of our gross national product on his watch and stands at 16 trillion smackers. Seven trillion of this debt is due to Mr. Obama’s berserk, unaccountable spending spree.

I recently had a nice conversation with my friend, ultra-left-wing comedian Bill Maher. He wants me back on his television program to explain why I am so angry with the Obama administration’s policies.

I will accommodate Bill’s request ASAP because I have always had a hoot on his program, not to mention that I have crushed old Billy and all his liberal guests’ fantasyland ideologies flatter than a road-killed Texas armadillo all 16 times I appeared on his old show “Politically Incorrect.” My 2012 Great White Buffalo summer-slam rock ‘n’ roll jihad, however, prevents me from appearing on Bill’s very successful HBO program at this time.

Be that as it may, for Bill and other lefties, the following is the foundation for my disgust with Mr. Obama’s policies.

His over-the-top left-wing agenda has led to the rebirth and dramatic upkick of the dreaded and totally unnecessary, self-inflicted Misery Index. The underemployment rate is near 20 percent. Arguably, the president’s economy is the worst since the Great Depression. I know many of us are greatly depressed by it.

Gas prices have also doubled since the president took office. Green energy has been a tax-torching bust. In 2008, Mr. Obama stated his green energy policy would create 5 million jobs. Instead, his green energy lie has cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of wasted dollars and created virtually zero jobs.


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