Why Do We Elect People Who So Clearly Lack Character?

So how and why has our culture failed to inculcate in our citizenry the critical thinking skills necessary to assess character? To recognize right from wrong? To judge? Could it be that the moral relativism engendered by the doctrine of multiculturalism so beloved by our media and academic class has robbed us of the ability to recognize right from wrong?

By now, nearly everyone paying attention knows that Barack Obama has lied countless times over the years in order to further his academic and political career. He is, in fact, a “composite.” And what we do know is just a hint of what there is yet to know, given that all his academic records are sealed.

Our president lied about his mother’s lack of health insurance. He lied about his father’s early life. His publisher’s brochure described him as “born in Kenya” for years, until he began running for president. There are countless other examples of his prevarications that fluff out his phony résumé. It is almost certain that he did not write Dreams from My Father by himself and that his relationship with Jeremiah Wright was cultivated to serve his political future…until it didn’t. And now, even Michelle is unable to keep the fabricated facts of her husband’s life straight.

And then there is Elizabeth Warren, the darling of the Boston/Harvard left, the self-described Cherokee without a shred of evidence to prove her claims of Native American heritage. Her claim made her a diversity hire at two prestigious schools. She even submitted a couple of recipes to a Native American cookbook, Pow Wow Chow, that she borrowed from Pierre Frainey. She chose those recipes poorly; Oklahoma Cherokees probably did not dine on cold omelets with crabmeat!

Bill Clinton’s moral lapses and crimes against women are legendary and too numerous to list, yet he still has adoring fans who would vote for him in a minute if he was on a ballot — any ballot. Hillary does not score much better on the truth and morality scale: Whitewater, managing her husband’s “bimbo eruptions,” her fabricated helicopter landing in Bosnia amid sniper fire, etc. Only a few months ago, she called Syria’s Bashir Assad a “reformer.” She is at the very least a poor judge of character.


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