Hypocrisy Alert: Investigation Reveals AFL-CIO, SEIU in Bed with JP Morgan Chase

If union members are upset that the millions union bosses have dumped into defeating Gov. Walker in tomorrow’s recall election appear not to be working, they may be furious when they learn the details of a new investigation by the Government Accountability Institute.

Here are a few of the highlights:

Despite the nearly 200 demonstrations against JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, and the other big banks, the AFL-CIO and SEIU are in bed with JP Morgan Chase—big time. Through something called the “Union Plus Mortgage Program,” the AFL-CIO and SEIU provide their members over 80,000 home mortgage loans totaling a whopping $15.2 billion. And who have the unions relied upon for 12 years and running to offer these home loans? You guessed it, JP Morgan Chase, the very bank the big union bosses direct their members to rail against.

To hear the heated rhetoric against Chase coming out of the big unions, the average union member would have no way of guessing that their union is in business with the big bank. “Chase’s stranglehold on the economy is everywhere,” says President of SEIU-USWW Mike Garcia. “They’ve kicked California families out of their homes.” To rectify the injustice of it all, SEIU members are even directed to a webpage titled “Ask Jamie Dimon For a Meeting.” As the SEIU’s website declares: “Chase hurts everybody. They’re making a profit by lending taxpayers their own money…JP Morgan Chase is manipulating government budget processes and charging local and state governments high interest rates.” Odd words for unions who are in cahoots with JP Morgan Chase.

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