6 New York cops claim they were demoted for being Republicans

Officers James Canner, 44; Karl Hayes, 42; James McCormack, 55; John Radin, 53; Benjamin Tayne, 47; and Jose Miguez, 39, claim they turned to their union for help but that then-president Stefan Chernaski, another Democrat, ignored them.

Long Beach, LI, cops (left to right) John Radin, Benjamin Tayne, James McCormack, James Canner and Karl Hayes are suing over their demotions.

Six Long Island cops claim they were targeted by their commissioner for supporting Republican Party candidates in local elections last year.

Long Beach Police Commissioner Michael Tangney, a longtime Democrat, demoted the cops, cut their overtime, switched them to midnight shifts and even filed false internal charges against them for “political payback,” the veteran officers claim in a $39 million lawsuit.

Tangney allegedly told one of the officers while demoting him, “It’s just the way politics work in this town.”


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