DOJ sues Las Vegas casino for screening non-citizen workers

Some believe this lawsuit is nothing more than payback by the Obama DOJ since earlier this year the Tuscany Hotel and Casino booked a special conference by a law enforcement group that was not favorable to the Obama administration.

A casino and hotel is being sued by the Obama DOJ for enforcing the federal law regarding hiring of illegal aliens.

While proponents of immigration enforcement have been told that the federal government monitors the hiring of illegal aliens by the private sector, including adherence to the federal employment verification (I-9) program, Attorney General Eric Holder’s Justice Department appears to have made a decision to penalize organizations that zealously comply.

For example, on Thursday the Justice Department announced that it filed a civil lawsuit against the Tuscany Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, accusing the company of engaging in “a pattern or practice of discrimination in the employment eligibility verification and re-verification process.”

The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) requires employers to treat all authorized workers equally during the hiring, firing and employment eligibility verification process, regardless of their national origin or citizenship status. However, it is still a criminal offense to avoid the I-9 verification process in the hiring of job applicants.


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