Website of the Week – The Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society

A national treasure has been uncovered after being buried for over 200 years! It is America’s best-kept secret! Discover one of America’s most brilliant gems firsthand.

We welcome you to The Alexander Hamilton Awareness (AHA) Society website. Discover a whole new way of understanding our Founding Fathers. The Society’s purpose is to share this new understanding with others so that they will also recognize the extraordinary contributions of Alexander Hamilton in the creation and implementation of our government systems and our world-class economic system.

We have a unique, quantitative analysis of the Founding Fathers. The results show that Alexander Hamilton was the second most valuable Founding Father (after George Washington) by a substantial margin. Learn why.

Feel free to explore our website and learn more about THE AHA SOCIETY. We also encourage you to visit our companion site, to learn more about Hamilton himself. This website will be the portal to all key information related to Alexander Hamilton.


The Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society

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