A victory for common sense-Scottish Defence League v Edinburgh Council

We are suspicious as to why these Muslim groups are so concerned about us highlighting issues such as Islamic terrorists, grooming gangs and Islamic extremists and we wonder why the Muslim community do not do more to tackle these issues themselves.

The Scottish Defence League (SDL) has won the right to march in Edinburgh tomorrow after a judge overturned a banning order.

Supporters of the Scottish Defence League will march along Regent Road to St Andrew’s House after their appeal against last month’s ruling by city council leaders to stop them holding a procession was successful. Costs were also awarded in favour of the SDL.

The SDL were represented at the hearing by Patrick Harrington. Mr Harrington said:

“It is very clear that the majority of the Council sub-committee made an unreasonable decision which was not based on law. They were following a political agenda. The Police and their own officials had made it clear that the March was not a threat to public order. The SDL had adopted an extremely co-operative approach. One Councillor on the sub-committee supported the right to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression but she was a lone voice of reason. To overturn the ban was the right decision and shows that ordinary people can still win Justice. I will attend the demonstration tomorrow as an observer to see how the SDL are treated with regard to their civil rights and that they are not subjected to violence or intimidation from far-Left hotheads.”

The SDL issued the following statement after their Court win:

“We have proved that Edinburgh City Council sought to violate our human rights and discriminate against our group. We have shown that the SDL is well able to mount effective legal challenges against unreasonable attempts to limit our right to peaceful assembly.

We have legitimate concerns about extremist interpretations of Islam. We also have concerns about cultural applications of Islam including forced marriages and honour violence.

We have the right to communicate our concerns to our fellow citizens.


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