IRS workers OK “phony” documents from illegal immigrants (Video)

After WTHR exposed a tax loophole that allows illegal immigrants to collect tax credits worth billions, the Internal Revenue Service pointed the finger at Congress. But IRS whistleblowers are now coming forward to say the real blame lies within.

Getting a letter from the IRS is something most of us don’t look forward to.

But in the past few weeks, 13 Investigates has been getting letters, calls and e-mails from IRS employees who are blowing the whistle on their own agency.

They say they were compelled to contact WTHR after seeing an Eyewitness News investigation that exposed a massive tax loophole for illegal immigrants. And they want to set the record straight about why the loophole now costs American taxpayers more than $4 billion per year.

“I think most people will be very angry,” said one of the IRS workers. “If they only knew what we do here – actually what we don’t do – they wouldn’t be happy.”


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