Better Off by Charlie Daniels

Obama has shown his contempt for the Constitution on several occasions. He has also shown his contempt for the will of the people with his sneaky midnight legislation and further corrupting of the already corrupt houses of Congress to get his socialist agenda passed over the will, and behind the back, of We The People.

When you look at a presidential candidate, you are faced with the sobering fact that, if elected, he will be the most powerful person on earth for the next four years and have power over not only weapons of mass destruction, but also the economy, foreign policy, social and civil rights issues – and the quality of your life.

New candidates have to run on a limited record of public service, their character, their personality and their believability.

If the person is an incumbent, that person should stand on past achievements and the accomplishments, or lack thereof, in the last four years.

Being a good president requires much more than being a nice and charismatic guy, a good public speaker and looking good for the television cameras.

A president is supposed to be a leader, a pacesetter, a father figure, a pursuer of justice, and a champion of the American way of life, defending it around the world verbally and militarily, if necessary.

A good president is a good administrator who realizes that he can’t possibly be everywhere at the same time, that he needs capable assistants to take care of the details and strong competent men and women who have the experience and ability to run departments of government, leaving him free to tackle the big problems and oversee the work the people under him are doing.


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