MoveOn’s Quest to Outlaw the Term “Illegal Immigrant”

Words “sometimes kill,” preaches. Not really. Human beings kill, including illegal immigrants. Thousands of Americans have been killed by illegal immigrants since 9/11.

Just when you would think that the far Left Obama booster organization could not get any more ridiculous, it sinks to ever lower levels of absurdity. The latest example involves MoveOn’s push to render the phrase “illegal aliens” or “illegal immigrants” hate speech.

A video posted last week at’s website charges that calling illegal immigrants “illegal” fits the definition of a hate crime and calls for the word “illegal” to be abolished when describing individuals entering the United States illegally. They would prefer using adjectives such as “undocumented” immigrants or “unauthorized” immigrants. That is sort of like calling a bank robber an unauthorized withdrawer. How about working to eliminate incentives for the illegal behavior itself rather than focus on banning its correct characterization?

“No human being is illegal,” intones True, but human beings can and do perform illegal acts.


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