Diversity Is Strength! It’s Also…Unarmed American Soldiers Dying In Afghan “Green On Blue” Shootings

Canadian General Mike Day is saying that that means that the Afghans who killed Coalition soldiers — most of the dead were Americans — weren’t acting according to any plan. They just hated foreigners, or Americans, or Christians, or white people, or for that matter, black people, and murdered them.

It was big news in March when an American Army sergeant being held in the deliberate killings of some Afghan civilians.

Barack Obama apologized for the killings for which Staff Sgt. Robert Bales is being held—revising and extending his previous apologies for videos featuring actual terrorists who had been shot and…urinated on by Marines, and some Korans that had wound up in an incinerator.

But this incident was actually unusual. The usual thing is for Afghan soldiers to murder American Armed Forces personnel.

Last week, there was incident in which Staff Sgt. Andrew T. Brittonmihalo was killed, and three of his comrades wounded, by an Afghan Special Forces soldier who was supposed to be an ally. [SF staff sgt. killed in Afghanistan, Army Times, April 30, 2012]

This week, the Associated Press has an exclusive report saying US not reporting all Afghan attacks (By Robert Burns, April 30, 2012). But many of us had already realized that.

This kind of murder is what the Army now calls a “Green on Blue” incident—in which a treacherous Afghan “ally” murders Coalition soldiers. Canadian General Mike Day has been quoted saying that “Since 2007 there had been 43 ‘green on blue’ incidents where Afghan soldiers shot and killed coalition soldiers…” Day also claims that investigation shows that “[L]ess than 20 per cent of them have any connection to the insurgency at all.”


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