Court conspires to deny justice to decorated veteran

Recently, State Senator Steven Oroho’s staff conducted an investigation and the Superior Court of New Jersey, which lost the transcript, could not provide an explanation as to how a court transcript from within its own courthouse had disappeared.

John “Jack” Cunningham

I’m John ‘Jack’ Cunningham and I brought allegations of legal malpractice charges and attorney ethics violations against the law firm Maynard and Truland, who had represented me during a court action two years ago. I have alleged gross negligence, dubious billing practices and misstatements to the Court. My evidence included the law firm’s invoices, contract, attorney certifications, letters, documents and sworn statements.

Robert Correale, an attorney with Maynard and Truland, represented his law firm in my legal malpractice grievance in Superior Court. At that time, I learned that Correale was serving on the extremely influential New Jersey Supreme Court’s local attorney ethics committee of the district.

Correale was listed on Maynard & Truland’s own website that he was the vice-chairman of this specific Supreme Court committee. The current director of this state agency admits Correale was a member of the district but denies Correale was vice-chairman.

Against the objections of Correale, Sussex County Superior Court Judge Ronald Graves determined that the evidence presented by me warranted that the civil case be brought to the Superior Court Law Division for pursuit of damages. When I brought the case to life, the Superior Court’s transcript containing Judge Graves determination was unexplainably missing. My civil case was later dismissed for lack of merit.


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