Ted Nugent to King George: And all the King’s Men can Drop Dead

“Myself, as much as I enjoy the joys of marksmanship discipline, I think I celebrate the First Amendment even more. If a free man has to be afraid of speaking his mind and choosing his or her religion, tyrants can easily rise up again to have their evil ways.” Ted Nugent

No one knew what lay across that intimidating body of water long ago. Nobody knew if the supplies and rations loaded on the big wooden ships would sustain them for their long, uncertain voyage, or if they would even make it alive.

But everyone did know that the risk could not be any worse than the worthless, meaningless life with which they struggled under the vicious rule of kings, Emperors, slavedrivers, despots and tyrants. The “born a serf, always a serf” status quo of humanity was simply wrong, and powerful instincts and intellect knew damn well that it was not why men were born.

As soon as King George started in with his dominating, evil King crap, the new residents of this new land stopped what they were doing and decided to make a stand against such vile oppression. They didn’t come all the way to America to escape tyranny just to have it rear its ugly head here.

So they gathered together, gathered their thoughts, and began writing down all the undeniable self-evident truths and God-given individual rights which resonated in their minds, hearts and souls. With these well-crafted words, they created documents so that everybody would know the outline by which freedom, liberty, independence and the ultimate quality of life would be determined in the brave new world.

King George, take note: Don’t tread on me. You’re fired.


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