Mayor Greets Illegals With Promise of Free Healthcare

“To encourage this further pressure on an already overstretched service is an absolute disgrace and will be greeted with anger by UK taxpayers,” said Sir Andrew Green, Migration Watch chairman.

A new booklet issued by the Mayor of London detailing how groups including illegal immigrants and foreign visitors can access the NHS – whether or not they are entitled to use it – has been branded an ‘absolute disgrace’ by think-tank Migration Watch UK, which is demanding its immediate recall.

It is estimated that there are some ½ million illegal immigrants in London and the number of foreign visitors to Britain is nearly two million of whom many, of course, come to London. Most of them come on six-month visas which is plenty of time for free medical treatment.

The booklet was issued by the Mayor of London in March 2012 and purports to inform people how to access primary care. It is available online in nineteen languages.

The weasel words are the clue: “Sometimes general practices ask for proof of address or proof of ID. If you do not have any documents, they can still register you”.

Later the pamphlet says, “overseas visitors do not legally have to prove their identity or immigration status to register with a practice”.


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