‘We Should Be Ashamed of Ourselves That Our Media is Convicting This Man’: Ted Nugent Speaks

“The only time a black life matters to Al Sharpton is when a black person is killed by maybe – not a Hispanic, but a white Hispanic. Mike, you and I couldn’t make this stuff up,” Nugent thundered in concluding his remarks on the Martin case.

Conservative rocker Ted Nugent appeared on radio talk show host Mike Broomhead’s show today to discuss everything from Whitney Houston’s untimely death to the Trayvon Martin case. And to no one’s surprise, he didn’t mince words on any of the topics involved. Along with the national media generally, Nugent singled out Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Piers Morgan as villains in the Trayvon Martin case.

“Whitney Houston was surrounded by gazillions of dollars, and a whole bunch of bloodsuckers, and a whole bunch of people taking advantage of her, but they didn’t have the spirit, they didn’t have the wherewithal, to just squeeze that woman and force her to stop,” Nugent opined.


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