There’s no such thing as a Republican DREAM Act by Tom Tancredo

Sen. Marco Rubio has yet to address some other major problems with past DREAM Acts. Approximately 85% of illegal immigrants are black or Hispanic, and if they were given amnesty, they would be eligible for affirmative action. Additionally, they would be eligible for in-state tuition at public colleges.

Senator Marco Rubio

Senator Marco Rubio is planning to introduce a Republican version of the DREAM Act, a bill that grants legal status to young illegal immigrants. While the DREAM Act has received some support from RINOs like Lindsey Graham and Richard Lugar in the past, Republicans have largely opposed it. When the lame-duck Democrats tried to pass it in December 2010, only three Republican senators and eight Republican representatives went along.

Sen. Rubio opposes the old DREAM Act, but he claims that he will craft his bill to address Republican concerns with that piece of legislation. Based on his initial statements, though, it looks like he has not yet dealt with the original DREAM Act’s basic problems.

Sen. Rubio rightly notes some of the major issues with the old DREAM Act. He told National Review, “The problem is that all of the existing policy proposals that are out there like the DREAM Act create amnesty. They create incentives for illegal immigration, chain migration and all sorts of problems.”

His point about the incentives the old DREAM Act would have created for chain migration is important. No one blames the illegal immigrants who were brought here as children for their situations. However, the blame belongs on their parents for breaking the law, not on America for being a nation of laws. Under the previous DREAM Act legislation, the illegal immigrants who got amnesty could then sponsor their parents as legal immigrants.


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