Achieving The Unachievable: A Conservative Movie Studio

Actors and actresses would need to get on board. Many Hollywood conservatives and libertarians would initially be frightened to make a leap of faith and join this new studio. But all you need is a small handful of recognizable silver screen veterans, and a decent amount of emerging talent, and a good cast can be created.

It was announced this week that Jane Fonda, one of Hollywood’s most left-wing actresses, had been cast in the role of Nancy Reagan in the upcoming film, “The Butler.” If anyone truly thinks “Hanoi Jane” is going to give a fair, accurate portrayal of the former First Lady on the silver screen, you’re obviously dreaming in Technicolor.

Then again, should we be surprised? It’s a well-known fact progressives dominate Tinseltown, and are cast in the roles of unsympathetic conservatives. Some recent examples include: Anthony Hopkins in “Nixon,” Josh Brolin in “W.” and Julianne Moore’s performance as Sarah Palin in HBO’s “Game Change.”

For every decent portrayal (i.e., Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher in “The Iron Lady),” there are countless volumes of mean-spirited and historically inaccurate roles. No wonder the Hollywood Right prefers to stay in the proverbial political closet. Many of them were, and still are, afraid to speak out and let their voices be heard.

As the libertarian comedian Drew Carey said in an interview for the AMC documentary “Rated R: Republicans in Hollywood” (2005), “I honestly think that it automatically hurts me if I said that I supported the war in Iraq, and I support the troops. That automatically kills me for getting a bunch of movies, a bunch of TV shows.”

It therefore makes sense that right-leaning Hollywood types would be intrigued by a movie studio that respected their acting abilities, and wouldn’t give them a hard time about their political views. Is it possible to create a movie studio with a conservative and/or libertarian bent in liberal Hollywood? Believe it or not, yes.


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