Thug Life Now Patriotic?

Mobs of new youngsters, self-proclaimed freedom fighters, summoned by the President himself, start hitting the streets to attend their first ‘protest’.. Pulling on oversized hoods and shouting words like “hate crime” and ‘murder’.. Now the hood is all the rage. And behold (D) Rep Bobby Rush being kicked off the floor for pulling on a hood and a pair of shades while shouting into the mic. Thug Life has now become Patriotic, people. Who knew.

And then, like a flash in the night, another young (black) man is struck down by a bullet in a random neighborhood in America. In this specific scenario the boy is Treyvon Martin and he had been out buying a can of iced tea and Skittles in a suburb of central Florida. Yes, most of us know this story well by now. George Zimmerman (white/hispanic), 28, shot and killed Martin (black), 17, with one bullet to the chest point-blank.

When the police arrived at the scene, Zimmerman claimed Martin had attacked him from behind, then sat on top of him slamming Zimmerman’s head into the pavement. A laceration on the back of Zimmerman’s head, along with cooperated accounts from several witnesses, led the police to believe he had in fact acted in self-defense.

They (ABC) are now reporting that this George figure had no visible scars on his clean shaven head, and no bruising or blood on his face. I saw the video. It’s difficult to tell anything from it. It’s from a distance, but I’m pretty sure I saw what resembles a cut on the top of his crown. You see what you want I guess, and that works on both sides.

Despite the facts that have emerged in the past month, Treyvon’s death has ballooned into a nation-wide civil rights movement. It became the next happening, and like magic the left is on-board. With recent endorsements from all the usual suspects (Sharpton, Jackson, Waters, ETC) it is now safe to sell ‘Cracker’ tee shirts in Florida (Google it).


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