Mexican Cartels Recruit through Newspaper

“Innocent people go looking for work and the cartels people take advantage of the fact that people right now need work. It’s not fair for them,” Oscar Hagelsieb from the Department of Homeland Security said.

[Note: This article was originally posted on December 18th, 2011. The IFNM website was attacked by hackers and many articles are now gone from the archives. As a public service, IFNM is now reposting said articles.]

It’s the last place you’d think a drug cartel would advertise a job opening, the local newspaper.

But, Oscar Hagelsieb from the Department of Homeland Security says the cartels are hiring unsuspecting people to do jobs that sound legitimate.

“Drivers, people that are messengers and the selling page is that its an easy job a relatively high paying for for Mexico especially with the way the economy is rite now. The cartels are placing narcotics and contraband in these vehicles and these individuals have no idea that what they’re doing is they’re smuggling narcotics or contraband into the United States,” Hagelsieb said.

Employees even get a car to use.

“Take this vehicle, use it for personal use. Go shopping, on the weekend take your family. This is done for a purpose, these individuals build a crossing pattern,” Hagelsieb said.

This year alone, 25 people arrested in El Paso said that they answered these ads.


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