The conspiracy that prompted Breitbart’s pushback against America’s enemies

The author/activist discovered the long-term Marxist crusade to tear-down the United States did not end (as many Americans assumed) when the Berlin Wall came down.

You may have heard the late Andrew Breitbart was initially alerted to the Democrat/media complex when that collaboration smeared Clarence Thomas as it fought to block the latter’s Supreme Court confirmation in 1991. There is, of course, more to Breitbart’s venture into battle against those who would trash his country.

Though l’affaire Thomas was the spark that awakened Breitbart from the leftist environment in which he had been raised, his instinct then was to learn how the slash and burn alliance had gained so powerful an influence in our society. Some larger force — perhaps historical — was behind this. His “sixth sense” prompted him to start digging for the machine’s roots or “back story.” He just knew the Orwellian scenario (where dark is light and light is dark) could not have emerged overnight.

Breitbart’s scholarly research on that very question emerges right in the middle of his memoirs. The inquiring mind from the Hollywood Hills discovered a gold mine of background as to how America’s enemies had taken dead aim at his country and had worked for decades to destroy it.


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