Mississippi House Passes Arizona-Style Immigration Law

Funny how illegal alien advocates never seem to have much compassion for those citizens left jobless, or the suffering of their families, because of illegal aliens in the state. Mississippi struggles through a 10% unemployment rate, while neighbor Alabama has seen its employment rebound since it passed its own immigration law last year.

It has been nearly a year since Janet Murguia, the President of National Council of La Raza (“The Race”) bragged that thanks to their boycott of Arizona, the state’s “copycat wave” of immigration laws had been “stopped cold”.

Well, La Raza’s failed boycott was stopped cold last year after failing miserably. But the “wave” of states emulating Arizona-style immigration laws goes on, and on.

And now we are about to add Mississippi to that list, as the state House on Wednesday passed H.B. 488 by an overwhelming, bi-partisan margin (70-47, with 10 Democrats crossing party lines to vote yes). If it becomes law, it would mandate that all law enforcement officers check immigration status of any person arrested in the state.

Even though the bill was narrowly focused on immigration checks and purposely avoided provisions that have recently been blocked by Federal courts (such as counting the number of illegal alien children in schools), opponents were thick and frequent with the usual race-baiting and accusations of “un-Christian” lack of “compassion” in the bill.


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