Ohio Lawmaker Resigns, Surrenders After FBI Sting

The indictment alleges Representative Carlton Weddington received cash and all expense-paid trips to South Beach Miami, Fla., and Napa Valley, Calif. during 2011, as well as checks and cash for campaign contributions in exchange for influence in his official duties as a state rep.

Carlton Weddington

Ohio Representative Carlton Weddington, (D), turned himself in to authorities and resigned from his elected position after he was indicted on two felony counts Tuesday.

Weddington turned himself in to authorities at about 11:30 a.m. Tuesday at the local FBI building, 500 S. Front St., Columbus.

Charges of bribery, election falsification and filing a false ethics disclosure statement were filed against Weddington Tuesday morning after a sting operation and lengthy investigation.

Agents said they created a fake business and posed as businessmen seeking influence in the Ohio statehouse and that Weddington allegedly accepted bribes, including trips and cash.

“These trips were presented to ingratiate ourselves with Weddington and also to continue those discussions regarding legislation in furtherance of the business,” said Edward Hanko of the FBI.

Authorities said they set up the sting based on information from a variety of sources.

“You don’t just go trolling unless you have the basis to go trolling and that basis existed in this case, I would say,” said Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien.


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