California prying into bedroom sex activity

Just how soon until sexual orientation becomes a factor in receiving preferential treatment in hiring for state jobs, bidding on state contracts, and granting professional licensees from state boards?

America’s unique brand of identity politics is simply 21st century cultural Marxism. Karl would be elated that race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation are leveraged in yet another struggle against the white bourgeoisie’s relentless “accumulation of wealth in private hands, [and] the formation and increase of capital.”

From the Weekly Standard we read:

In order to make sure gays and lesbians are adequately represented on the judicial bench, the state of California is requiring all judges and justices to reveal their sexual orientation. The announcement was made in an internal memo sent to all California judges and justices.

“[The Administrative Office of the Courts] is contacting all judges and justices to gather data on race/ethnicity, gender identification, and sexual orientation,” reads an email sent by Romunda Price of the Administrative Office of the Courts.

“Providing complete and accurate aggregate demographic data is crucial to garnering continuing legislative support for securing critically needed judgeships,” Price writes.


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