2 in 3 London babies have at least 1 parent born abroad as ministers pledge to end era of multiculturalism

The figures on immigrant family births come at a time of concern over drought and water shortages in southern Britain which have been intensified because of the rapidly increasing population.

Moving to the city: A whopping 86,111 babies born in London have a parent from outside Britain

Nearly two thirds of the babies born in London have at least one parent who was born abroad, according to figures released yesterday.

They show that 64.7 per cent of children born in the capital in 2010 had an immigrant mother or father.

In two districts – Newham, in East London, and Westminster – more than eight out of ten babies had at least one parent born abroad.

Sir Andrew Green, of Migration Watch UK, said: ‘These extraordinary figures illustrate the way in which London is being changed beyond recognition and on a scale … that makes successful integration so much more difficult.’

‘It is a stark reminder to the government to stick to their promise to get net migration down to the tens of thousands by the end of this Parliament.’

According to the figures produced by the Office for National Statistics from birth registration returns, 86,111 babies in London last year had a parent who was born outside Britain.


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