Ted Nugent: MSNBC separates from reason

Because leftists cannot win the argument with pragmatism, common sense, intellectual rigor and facts, they resort to anti-American guerrilla warfare tactics by contacting whichever media outlet hires conservative voices and their advertisers to pressure them to silence those voices. That is so American of them. Che Guevara would be proud.

Air America, the left-wing syndicated radio station, died in the marketplace. It could not sustain itself because its business model was flawed from the start. Americans did not listen.

Air America died a just death. When a business such as Air America offers a product that virtually no consumer wants, it is dead in the water. That’s how that works. Rightly so.

Like Air America, left-leaning National Public Radio would also go out of business if it had to compete in the marketplace and was stripped of all public dollars that artificially prop it up.

Left-wing cable television MSNBC is next. Its ratings are dismal. Like Air America, MSNBC offers a product that virtually no one wants. Its leftist programming does not send shivers up the legs of Americans.

And so what does MSNBC do? It caves in to left-wing media goon hit squads who pressured the failing network and its advertisers to fire the only guy on the network who consistently made sense.

Author, columnist and presidential candidate, Pat Buchanan, was fired by MSNBC for doing nothing more than voicing his rock-solid conservative thoughts on the otherwise failing network.


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