Paul Ryan: Next Generation Will Have Lower Standard Of Living

“Our government is, right now, according to the General Accountability Office, making $99.4 trillion in promises to today’s Americans that it has no way of paying for. We’re making $37 trillion in promises to people for just Medicare alone that we have no way of paying for.” Ryan told Bill Hemmer.

President Barack Obama is refusing to address the nation’s most serious problem, the skyrocketing national debt, as he piles on to it with a slew of new measures, House budget committee chairman Paul Ryan claimed on Friday.

And the result is that today’s children will be saddled with a lower standard of living than the country has become accustomed to in recent decades, he said on Fox News.

“This is what motivates me,” Ryan said. “Knowing these numbers and knowing where the country is heading and knowing that my kids who are 7, 8, and 10 years old are really going to have a lower standard of living and more diminished future than we have.

“That’s an irrefutable fact based on where we’re headed.”


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