Crowd-funding "The Road to Revolution"

“Courage, New Hampshire” is the tale of a shire town on the western border of New Hampshire in the years prior to the Revolutionary War.  The ensemble cast features an array of talented up-and-comers and veterans such as Basil Hoffman who appears in this year’s Academy Award favorite, “The Artist”.

Colony Bay Entertainment announced today that principal photography on the third installment of their dramatic series “Courage, New Hampshire: The Road to Revolution” will start on Monday, February 20th at Riley’s American Heritage Farm in Oak Glen, CA.

“Courage” made headlines last June when it was touted as being the “tea party TV series”, but according to writer/creator James Riley, the show is finding an audience across the political spectrum.  “People just want intelligent entertainment,” Riley said, “without the sound of a politically correct axe being ground all the time.”  Executive Producer Jonathan Wilson is quick to point out, “Politics has a tendency to divide, but good story can bring people together in a powerful way… and contrary to popular belief, we aren’t getting any checks from the Koch brothers.”

Riley believes there’s a reason people love period drama.  “Our lives are pretty clean and painless and insulated today,” he says.  “Eighteenth century America was relentlessly idealistic.  Bravery had to be demonstrated, honor kept unsullied and loved ones protected, sometimes at the end of a gun barrel. You want drama?  Put a rope around a man’s neck for counterfeiting.  That’s drama.”

The upstart production company is turning to a revolutionary source of funding for Episode 3 – the audience.  Through a ‘crowd-funding’ page on, grassroots supporters can make contributions in return for ‘perks’ which range from DVDs and premiere tickets to walk-on roles in future episodes.  “We’re really excited about the possibilities of crowd-funding,” said Wilson, “Entertainment dollars are hard to come by these days, and it makes better sense to go straight to the public.”

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