More photos found in Calif. teacher abuse case

Many of the photos involve children already identified by authorities, but there may be other potential victims, sheriff’s Lt. Carlos Marquez said. Like the other pictures, the photos show children ages 6 to 10 blindfolded and being fed a milky, white liquid authorities believe was semen on spoons or cookies, Marquez said.

In this undated police booking photo released by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department shows former Los Angeles teacher Mark Berndt, 61, who was arrested for felony molestation of 23 kids after photos surfaced. Berndt been charged with committing lewd acts with 23 boys and girls ages 7 to 10.

The scandal embroiling an elementary school where two teachers were arrested last week on lewdness charges widened Wednesday with revelations of 200 more inappropriate photos of children and that one teacher sent warmly written birthday cards and presents to students who participated in his “games.”

The case of a third-grade teacher accused of feeding children his own semen in bizarre “tasting games” in his classroom over a five-year period has garnered international headlines.

It has also roiled the nation’s second-largest school district, which has a sizable number of students who come from homes with illegal immigrants. Many parents at the school have said they have been reluctant to report suspicions about the teachers because of their immigration status.

The new developments came as Los Angeles Unified School District prepared to reopen Miramonte Elementary School on Thursday with an entirely new staff.

According to three lawsuits filed against the district Tuesday, teacher Mark Berndt sent birthday cards to some of the girls, asking how they were adjusting to the fourth grade. He also wrote warm notes such as “surely no teacher could ever have a more wonderful student than you!!” and “P.P.S. The Roaches Say ‘Hi!'”

He signed the notes: “Mr. B.”


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