Entire young white South African generation has left the country

Newsweek Magazine: “The most dramatic figures can be found among South African whites, who are leaving at a pace consistent with the advent of ‘widespread disease, mass natural disasters or large-scale civil conflict,’ according to a report by the South African Institute on Race Relations,” Scott Johnson writes.

December 16 2008, Afrikaner families showed up in their tens of thousands at the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria to vote with their feet against ANC rule which allows genocidal attacks against their kin.

The Institute for Race Relations reports that there’s hundreds of thousands of young whites missing in South Africa. Newsweek also reports on the mass exodus of white, skilled families, asking: ‘why are the brightest leaving this most successful state?”

The South African Institute for Race Relations says this week that the young white men — aged 24 to 34 have mostly left the country now, and that there now are many more older white men than younger ones – when the reverse is the case in normal societies without wars.

There are two main reasons for this demographic oddity: the relentless murder campaign waged by heavily-armed, well organised black male gangs against white farmers: the latest murder toll is 3,038; together with the mass exodus of white, working-age families from South Africa ever since 1994 — and which Digital Journal has also often reported about just recently here.


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