One Born Every Minute – Hiding the Third World Colonisation Catastrophe through MSM Propaganda

The true extent of the mainstream media collaboration in the carefully concealed obliteration of the indigenous people of Britain which is being accomplished through the broadcasting of lies, half truths and pure fantasy is evident again in the Channel 4 series ‘One Born Every Minute’ – a supposed reality TV depiction of child birth in Britain.

Watching the first programmes in the third series of this Bafta-winning ‘reality’ show which was filmed in the maternity ward at Leeds General Infirmary, a gullible viewer could be forgiven for believing that Third World origin inhabitants of Britain are few and far between and that mass immigration to our country has had, and will have, little effect on the ethnic make-up of the population.

While appearing to purposely ignore official statistics showing that 1 in every 4 births in Britain are to foreign-born mothers, figures which shockingly rise to more than 3 in 4 births in some heavily affected areas and which do not include births involving British born non-indigenous mothers, and ignoring the latest official figures from 2005* which showed that even then ethnic ‘minority’ births accounted for more than one third of all births in Britain, the producers of this Channel 4 show have indulged the MSM passion for lies, fabrication and sham in presenting their own ‘whitewashed’ version of child birth in Britain.

*As hospitals have this yearly data at their fingertips, it seems strange that officially available figures are 6 years out of date on this issue and will cause suspicion as to the current percentages of non-indigenous births in Britain.

Just as the same media try to downplay the connection between mass Third World immigration and rising levels of crime, rising rates of diseases which are prevalent in Third World countries, rising costs of housing and other necessities, falling education standards and rising unemployment numbers, they now plunge to new levels of mendacity by presenting a ‘reality’ programme where ethnic faces are few and far between and a maternity ward in our overburdened NHS was an oasis of calm and tranquillity where the almost entirely indigenous nursing staff far outnumbered the almost equally entirely indigenous mothers-to-be.


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