In Memory Of My Grandson: Reflections On Reclaiming Florida

My own grandson became so depressed while trying to get a job in Miami, because everywhere he went the invaders demanded that he must speak their Spanish language in the country he was born in, that he went into a state of deep depression, only coming out of his room at my house for meals. A year ago, he stole my gun and shot himself in the head.

Mitt Romney, New Gingrich and Rick Santorum are now campaigning in my home state of Florida, where the GOP presidential primary will be held January 31. As usual, the Main Stream Media is fixating on the much-hyped Hispanic vote—for example, Newt Gingrich Looks For Latino Support In Bid For Florida Success, by Matthew Jaffe, ABC News, Jan. 28, 2012. It’s all too possible that one of the candidates will offer Florida’s first-term Senator Marco Rubio the Vice Presidential slot in return for his endorsement.

But Florida Hispanics are only 22% of the state’s population—and, testimony to the sheer size of Florida’s ongoing immigration disaster, a remarkable half of them are foreign-born, so many cannot be voting citizens. Over three-quarters of us Floridians are not Hispanics.

My modest proposal for any candidate actually interested in winning Florida Anglo support: speak out in favor of proposed Florida legislation (State Representative Gayle Harrell’s HB1315 and State Senator Thad Altman’s SB1638) mandating the use of E-Verify by Florida employers.

These identical bills, written with the advice of the Immigration Law Reform Institute’s Kris Kobach, architect of Arizona’s famous SB1070, were introduced January 6th. Hearings on them could be held any day.

The downside: supporting Florida’s state E-Verify Law will certainly outrage the usual selfish business interests—what has called the “Slave Power”—and also the leaders of the Hispanic Caucus, Cubans from Miami who have become the tail wagging the dog in Florida politics, bullying upstate Republicans by threatening to withhold “Hispanic votes” unless their demands are met.


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