Bashed teen speaks of terror

A Perth teenager has spoken of his terror after he was violently bashed by a gang of African descent thugs who repeatedly kicked him and stomped on his head after being racially taunted.

RACIALLY TAUNTED: James Claxon had his head stomped on during a violent attack on Friday night.

Perth detectives are hunting up to 20 youths, believed to be of African descent, who were involved in the attack in the city at 11.30pm last night.

Two males – aged 16 and 17 – have already been charged, but police have not ruled out further charges being laid.

This afternoon, 19-year-old James Claxon told how a night out with mates turned into a nightmare when he was allegedly set upon by the gang, attacked and robbed of his wallet and mobile phone.

Mr Claxon said he and four friends had just got off a train and had been walking through Forrest Place towards a city nightclub when they were confronted by the group.

“They were walking through in the same proximity and they’ve basically started running at us and they caught me and have beaten me up and stolen my things,” he said.

“The only thing I heard before they caught me was: ‘Who are these white c**ts?’ It was totally unprovoked.”


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