'The euro will be a paragraph in history' says nationalist Marine Le Pen as she soars in polls

“Under Mr Sarkozy, unemployment has exploded, national spending has reached vertiginous proportions, and his immigration policy is an economic folly.” Marine Le Pen

Head to head: National Front leader Marine Le Pen claims she has closed the gap in the polls with French President Nicolas Sarkozy

French National Front leader Marine Le Pen is soaring in the polls in the country’s Presidential quest with pledges to ditch the euro and deport all illegal immigrants.

The 43-year-old is capitalising on President Nicolas Sarkozy’s falling popularity ratings following the news that France has been stripped of its prized AAA credit rating by Standard and Poor.

Sarkozy lost two points in the polls, down to just 23 per cent, since the credit rating was downgraded last week.

Le Pen’s standing went up by one per cent after she vowed to raise the wages of the poorest workers by £160 a month and pay for it by slapping a three per cent tax on imported goods.

Ignoring claims that her policies would risk inflation she pledged to restore the nation’s sovereignty by printing more currency, up to 80 billion pounds a year, and return the country to the French franc ‘as soon as possible.’


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