Report: 3,000 Honor Crimes In Britain in 2010

The total, some 3,323, adding the 500 IKWRO estimates that police did no report, means that more than nine such crimes were committed every day of the year.

An organization in Britain dedicated to protecting women from so-called honor crimes has reported a massive increase in the practice, noting that Muslims and other religious minorities committed more than 3,000 such crimes in Britain in 2010.

Although a police spokesman offered the politically-correct statement that “honor crimes” cross all religious and cultural boundaries, statistics show that Muslims commit the vast majority of them — which are often honor killings. Honor killings are becoming increasingly common in the United States as well.

An honor criminal may lash out for any number of reasons, but the crimes typically involve a woman or girl accused of dishonoring her family by refusing or leaving an arranged marriage, dating someone who is not Muslim, becoming “too Western,” or even receiving a love note from a school chum.

Unsurprisingly, police are reluctant to explain the problem: Islam.


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