Giving thanks for the chaos by Pat Boone

Troubles like these can be productive in three ways. They test our character, our integrity and our commitment; they grow our strength, ingenuity and endurance; and they reveal the source and causes of the troubles. All these we need to survive, and troubles provoke them.

What do you do when your world caves in? When the things you hold most dear are lost, or nearly gone? When the problems you face are so monumental that there seem to be no solutions? When the floor beneath you gives way, and you feel yourself falling, completely out of control?

How are you feeling right now, in this America we’re living in?

Do you have a good, secure job? Are you sure of a comfortable, healthy retirement? Do our leaders inspire confidence in you? Do the president and his administration convince you they’re up to the countless, growing challenges we face as a nation? Do you sense the building tension in the whole world, nations teaming up and choosing sides, some of them with nuclear capability and evil intentions against America?

Surely you see the storm clouds gathering, the very ground beneath us shaking, as we realize our national economy is saddled with $15 trillion in debt, and as much as $140 trillion in entitlement obligations that have no way of being met. European governments are facing bankruptcy, creating a chain reaction that will affect all of us.

We’ve already tasted the deadly, inhuman violence of forces that want to destroy us, on our own soil. And there are other, more devastating plots taking shape targeting our cities and gathering places, while you’re reading this. It’s not if, but when.

What’s a good, law-abiding, America-loving citizen to do?


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