MEP urges Britons to sign petition banning sharia law

A survey of Muslim opinion in Britain, undertaken by NOP Research in 2006, revealed attitudes which have been shown to be common to all Muslim immigrant populations.

Nick Griffin is urging people to make their voice heard by signing the e-petition to the Government calling for a ban on sharia law in the United Kingdom. 100,000 signatures are needed before the expiry date of 4th February 2012 to ensure the petition is eligible for debate in the House of Commons.

“The Muslim community are pushing ahead with setting up sharia law in parts of Britain and are banking on little opposition because of people’s fears of being branded ‘racists’ if they dare to voice their objections,” says the British National Party MEP for the North West of England.

“It is important that the Government know that the British people will not allow Sharia Law to be established in Britain through the back door.”

“Please take two minutes to click on this link and sign the petition.”


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