French Satire Magazine Bombed to Enforce Shariah

Under Islamic law — not Islamist law — Molotov Cocktails replace letters to the editor.

The Daily Mail reports:

“Offices of French magazine torched after latest edition mocked Prophet [sic] Mohammed”

First, notice the religiously correct references to Mohammed. My old AP Stylebook recommends “Mohammed,” plain and simple, to denote “the founder of the of Islamic religion” — not “the Prophet Mohammed,” as the Daily Mail story calls him. This title is inflected with the obeisance of acceptance.  (I note also that my old AP Stylebook recommends “Jesus,” not “the Son of God Jesus.”) The magazine, by the way, was commenting on the rising power and fortunes of sharia and its Islamic — not Islamist – proponents in Libya and Tunisia.

Here’s the “offending” cover via Vlad Tepes:

The story:

Molotov cocktails were today used to burn down the headquarters of a leading French magazine because it mocked the Prophet Mohammed [sic]. Arsonists struck shortly after 1am at the Paris offices of Charlie Hedbo, a Gallic version of Private Eye which prides itself on its mix of cutting satire and investigative journalism.

Its latest edition carries a cartoon image of a bearded Mohammed – something which is blasphemous under Islamic law – and pretends that it is being ‘guest edited’ by the Prophet.

It is accompanied by the slogan ‘100 lashes if you don’t die of laughter’, and the magazine is renamed ‘Sharia Hebdo’, after Sharia law.


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