Watch This: Progressive Group Releases Violent, Racially-Charged Pro-Obama Video

In “Republican Zombie Defense (.com),” a series of racial and social stereotypes commit horrifying acts of violence against brain dead “Republican zombies.”


In case you couldn’t watch the entire video, it follows the trial of four Republican zombie defenders. One, an overall-clad “good old boy” with a distinct southern accent takes an automatic weapon to his Republican opponent. He is followed by a ditzy blond cheerleader type who gleefully chainsaws her Republican zombie to death- again.

Later, a Hispanic gentleman with a cartoonish Latin American accent takes a baseball bat to the head of his Republican zombie (because Latin American’s are good at baseball- get it?). And finally, a caricature from a 1970s-era Blaxploitation film uses hedge clippers to take the appendages off a proponent of entitlement reform. “Aw hell no, bitch,” says the stereotype. ” Keep yo’ hands off my grandma’s social sec-ur-it-aww.”

She finally holds the disemboweled remains of her Republican foe up and repeats President Obama’s 2008 campaign slogan, “yes we can.”


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