Political correctness taken to task in German play

Political correctness trends, often set by a select few, are robbing individuals of their right to express themselves and engage in a dialogue, Millett told Deutsche Welle.

Is political correctness crucial to living in a society, or does it just mask reality? A German theater production takes political correctness to the extreme to explore just how important it really is.

The play opens with five members of a charity discussing how a planned benefit event could raise funds for a school in West Africa’s Guinea-Bissau.

Oliver, one of the members of the charity, suggests that they invite a black person to make the evening more “authentic” since the evening concerns a school in Africa. Then a debate ensues about the pros and cons of inviting someone just because they happen to be black. The members discuss what they should call her since she was born and raised in Germany.

Once they settle on Afri-Cologner, Claudia asks whether she is “black enough” because of her mixed heritage.

All of these politically incorrect landmines occur in the first 10 minutes of “Benefit – Everyone Rescues an African,” a satirical play on political correctness by Ingrid Lausund running at the Freies Werkstatt Theater in Cologne.


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