Tim Tebow: Bucking The NFL's Anti-White Bias

The “best values of American society” being, of course, the promotion of non-whites (and blatant discrimination against whites) in every avenue of American life—or else the suing of corporations and universities and lucrative out-of-court settlements.

Tim Tebow gets his first National Football League start for the Denver Broncos on Sunday (October 23). Tebow is one of the more beloved players in the league…and one of the more reviled players in the league. He is a former Heisman Trophy winner who brings a dual-threat mentality (beating defenses by throwing and also by running, generally thought to be a black specialty). He’s a devout Christian…and he’s white.


Quarterback is one of the few remaining positions still dominated by white players. The NFL has long been eager to promote a black quarterback as its figurehead and poster-boy. The league and the MainStream Media outlets that cover the sport (ESPN, Yahoo! Sports, NFL.com, etc.) have all been pushing Cam Newton as “the Great Black Hope” when it comes to quarterbacking. (Michael Vick had his chance, but he lost a lot of capital with the predominately white fan base when he was convicted of animal cruelty.)


Never mind that Newton is 1-5 as a starter, while fellow rookie Andy Dalton (boring white guy) is 4-2 as a starter. The anointment of Newton as the heir apparent to media darling Peyton Manning was near completion.


But the superlatively talented Tim Tebow has derailed this coronation. As the son of missionaries,Tebow spends most of his time off ministering to (predominately black) prison inmates. But, in contrast to the MSM fawning over Newton—who was Tebow’s backup at the University of Florida before he ran afoul of the law for stealing a laptop and engaging in academic dishonesty—Tebow has had his potential as an NFL quarterback questioned by so-called experts who consider a quarterback who has a 1-5 record the next superstar player.


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